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With so many firms offering help and advice on accident claims, you can rely on James Ballentine & Son to provide knowledgeable and appropriate advice and support throughout your pursuit of your claim for damages, offering our services throughout Northern Ireland, including County Down, Armagh and more.

If you've sustained a personal injury in an accident for which you weren't to blame, we can help you make a claim against the responsible party.


Whether the injury has occurred at work, during a road accident or as a result of a fall or slip due to negligence, our lawyers are ready to help you through the process of making a claim.


If you or a relative has been the victim of medical or clinical negligence you are entitled to claim compensation.


This applies to all forms of medical treatment including hospital visits, GP visits, dentistry, physiotherapy and midwifery.


Our team can help you though the full process from the initial claim to agreeing a final compensation amount.



Get the compensation you deserve with our accident & injury claims service. Call:

an injured female client with a broken arm and neckbrace, sitting at a table  speaking to a lawyer an injured client on crutches, supported by his wife, speaking to a lawyer

We are members of The Law Society of Northern Ireland.


Our accident and injury department will help you pursue your claim.