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Approximately one in three marriages now end in divorce, and though divorce itself is a relatively straightforward legal procedure, the issues arising from the divorce can cause legal complications.


Our matrimonial and family law team are on hand to help you from the issuing of divorce proceedings to the separation of assets.


We can also help unmarried couples who have decided to split up after some time cohabiting without entering into marriage or a civil partnership. Though these relationships do not have any legal standing, we can advise you on issues such as property and children.

There are many aspects to marriage law which our matrimonial legal team can aid you with ahead of your happy day, such as financial matters, responsibility for children and housing.


Our lawyers are on hand to provide you with the advice you need and explain the differences between marriage and cohabitation.


Adoption is the assumption of full legal and parental responsibility for a child, with between three and four thousand children adopted from care in the UK in 2010.


It gives both the child the opportunity to live a normal life with a loving family, and couples or individuals who cannot conceive the chance to raise a child.


James Ballentine & Son's expert team can advise and guide you through all the legal issues surrounding adoption, working throughout Northern Ireland providing our expert family law service.



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