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Drawing up a will is one of the most important legal acts you perform during your lifetime. With our expert help you can draw up a will that ensures the people you would like to benefit after you have gone gain maximum benefit from your assets, and your affairs are completed as swiftly and easily as possible.


We can provide advice over any complicated legal matters regarding your will, and ensure that your will meets all legal formalities, working throughout Northern Ireland & Belfast.

Probate is defined as the legal authority to administer an estate, and the process of doing so. We can help you appoint executors of your will so your estate is administered after you have gone.


If a relative has died without appointing executors, we can advise and help you apply for a letter of administration if required, which allows you to become a personal representative to administer and distribute the estate as per your will.


The number and type of trusts available is ever evolving with each budget.


We can guide you through this seemingly complicated process, and help you place your assets in trusts which act to the maximum benefit of your beneficiaries after you have gone.



Our legal team is always on hand to provide confidential advice on wills, and estates. Call:

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We are members of The Law Society of Northern Ireland.